program highlights

Main study and training areas:
  • Working with actor; acting; text analysis; art of developing the art of playing; situation development; working with psychological, game and pageant structures; production; working with the set designer; working with the composer; working with the choreographer
  • Film directing; script analysis and breakdown; working with the set designer; casting management; working with the cameraman; developing the episode and shot composition; working with lighting design; working with the actor on the set; principles and technology of film editing; contemporary film technologies
  • Creation of TV formats; directing of TV projects; working on series, sitcoms, sketch-coms, reality shows, documentaries, talk show, writing and text editing for TV; TV editing
  • Financing the projects; script budgeting; pre-production management in film and TV industry; casting management; location search; producer on location; post-production management; marketing
  • Playwriting and scriptwriting
  • Creating performances, installations, innovating contemporary art projects
  • Art philosophy, theatre history, film history, contemporary art history
Practical work:
  • Creating a theatre piece in class and on stage
  • Creating short or a mid-size digital film
  • Creating TV pilot project
  • Developing a script for a full-length feature film
  • Participating in the Studio's collective artistic project
  • Participating in internships and apprenticeships during all stages of film and TV production development