Mission Statement
Russian film and video industry today is undergoing a workforce crisis. While traditional training program in the performing arts schools are offering their students with fundamental education, their curriculum and approach for training does not reflect the market realities. The industry managers suffer from the shortage of professionally equipped employees, and from the lack of common language, quality standards and process understanding with the people they end up hiring.
The success of any project entirely depends on the people who are at helm. While the market realities are changing rapidly, it is not enough to graduate with a limited set of skills and knowledge. An open broadminded approach and clear understanding of the industry requirements is needed to become a true professional. Those are the ultimate goals of the Studio curriculum.
One of the key ideas in the Studio concept is the elimination of pre-existing contradictions between various art forms – traditional and contemporary, the mainstream and the art-house ones, industry-oriented and independent projects. The graduate of the Studio is considered a universal artist ready to be engaged in an adequate and productive dialog with any challenges of modern times.
Studio-4 – Principles
Integral education
There will be no separate training tracks for the directors, producers or showrunners in the Studio. The training will be aimed at acquiring the holistic understanding of the artistic laws and at mastering all technologies, required at each stage of the theatre, film and TV production – from conceiving and developing the idea to its realization and marketing.
In the course of the program each participant will get an opportunity to assess and understand his or her unique talent and, if necessary, to choose a specific field of training.
Open educational process
The educational process at the Studio is run by Boris Yukhananov. The specific courses will be taught by the master teachers – directors, artists, writers, and producers, – whose ultimate goal is to offer students the universal understanding of the trade. While planning their course each master will include the master classes, workshops and seminars by guest teachers and experts who represent various approaches to the trade, including those different from the viewpoints of the master teacher.
Practical Education
Hands-on project creation will be the main tool of the participant's professional development. As the requirement for graduation each student will create a portfolio, including one feature film, one theatrical piece, the TV pilot, and one media art project.
Industrial Education
The Studio program corresponds with the challenges and demands of the modern movie and TV production. Among the master teachers, and special course instructors and lecturers the leading creatives and producers of Russian TV channels and production companies, Russian and international stars of directing, producing and scriptwriting will be invited as guest speakers.
The participants will pursue the case studies of real project accomplished lately in Russia, and will complete internships at the partner companies at all stages of pre-production, production and post-production process.
Participation in the artistic project
To work in the industry today one needs to acquire not only the skills and knowledge, but also his or her own artistic voice. Alongside with getting ready to work in the industry the students will receive an experience of being integral part of the unique artistic project that is not limited by the market values. This experience will allow each student to reflect upon his own artistic personality and to place it in the foundation of his artistic development.