MIR Studio of Individual Directing is opening enrollment into its fourth class.  The first three Studios have functioned in the post-Soviet period of Russian history, and were created to fill the void that existed in the directors' training at the time.  The mission of the Studio-4, Studio-5 is to prepare young artists to work in the contemporary industrial situation.
MIR Studio of Individual Directing is an educational and artistic enterprise with 23 years history of success. Studio was established in late 1980s by a group of directors, artists, musicians and art theoreticians in an attempt to create an alternative to the state system of arts education in the USSR. Together with Boris Yukhananov, Studio Artistic Director, the initial core of teachers included artist Yuri Kharikov, directors Igor and Gleb Aleynikov, actor Nikita Mikhailovsky, film scholar Euganiy Tchorba, director and composer Petr Pospelov, choreographer Andrey Kuznetzov, composer Sergey Zagniy.
The first group of Studio students was selected in 1988 in Leningrad, and in 1989 the call for applicants to Studio-2 was announced in Moscow. The admission was highly competitive with several hundred applicants trying to get a spot in the program. Only 30 students were accepted, and became part of unique artistic and educational program at the Studio.
The art of directing is perceived at the Studio as a universal media that goes above and beyond the specificity of film, theatre, and TV. Studio members strive to acquire such skills as text analysis, acting, communication with actors and other participants to the creative process. In their training all students focus on the techniques of generating creative energy required by any project to be accomplished.
MIR Studio teaching philosophy is aimed at developing the artistic consciousness, expanding individual’s universal potential in becoming an artist not bound by the boundaries of a profession, a genre, or a format. Each group of the Studio members is participating in developing a core artistic project that all students are involved in. The most famous project was The Orchard, a unique performance based on The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov.
MIR Studio activity resulted in the emergence of a new generation of Russian directors and producers.  The fundamental philosophy of the Studio of Individual Directing, where personality of an artist is both the source and the main object of development, comes reflected in the variety of approaches, genres and styles the most prominent Studio alumni employ in their work. The Studio leading graduates include Alexander Doulerain, Inna Kolosova, Sergey Koryagin, Daniel Lebedev, Stepan Lukyanov, Andrey Silvestrov, Olga Stolpovskaya, Dmitry Troitsky, and Oleg Haibullin.
MIR Studio chronology
1988 - Studio-1 is created in partnership with Free University (Leningrad). The core artistic project of the studio was The Labyrinth, based on J. L. Borges.
1989 - Studio-2 is created in Moscow. The core artistic project was The Orchard, based on The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov.
1994 - Studio-3 is created in Moscow. The core artistic project was Hello and Good Bye, Don Juan.
1996 - The acting/directing class is entering the Russian Academy of Theatre Art (GITIS) with the curriculum based on the Studio teaching philosophy. The core artistic project was Theatre And Its Diary.
Between 2000 and 2010 MIR Studio has initiated the creation of two lab projects: LAR (Laboratory of Angelic Directing), with the core project of Tale of a Straight-Standing Man in 2000; LaboraTory, with Golem, based on H. Levick.
2011 - Studio-4 was open for enrollment.
2015 - Studio-5 was open for enrollment.